Understanding Britain's
Atlantic Walls


The Atlantic Walls project is a collaborative research project between Dunblane Museum and Professor Tony Pollard.

The project includes:

  • exhibition panels (available to hire from Dunblane Museum)
  • ongoing research
  • a range of activities which took place in Dunblane on 6th June 2014 to commemorate the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

This project was made possible by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the Community Covenant (Armed Services).

Dunblane Museum is an independant, volunteer run museum in the Catherdral City of Dunblane.


Professor Tony Pollard specialises in the archaeology of conflict. Amongst other things he is Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology at Glasgow University.



Exhibition Pack

  • Download the exhibition in a print friendly format.


Exhibition Boards

  • If your organisation would like to borrow the interpretation panels please get in touch.

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Organisations who helped along the way

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Many thanks to all involved in this project:

  • Chris Shepheard
  • Brian Boulton
  • Orford Museum
  • The Tank Museum - Bovington
  • Community Covenant - Major Maurice Walsh
  • Lt Col Ranald Shepherd
  • Roger Thomas
  • Guy Salkeld
  • Mary Evans picture library
  • Stirling District Council
  • Gary Wallace
  • Poppy Scotland
  • British Legion Scotland
  • APR Services Ltd
  • Northlight Heritage
  • Stewart Ainslie - Don't Walk LLP
  • Mark McAulay - Don't Walk LLP
  • Mark Kemp - EQ Design Ltd
  • Grant Crockett
  • Lewis Wardrop
  • Jamie Wardrop
  • Duncan Ainslie
  • Dunblane Cathedral Minister and staff

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